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Artist Statement:



Throughout the long march of civilization, the ever-changing art world has seen many movements flourish and fade. One category has remained constant however, the "artist-as-observer". Practitioners of this niche seek to capture a moment in time and preserve it for future generations. Their work focuses on everyday themes: work, leisure, fashion and society. Though seemingly mundane, these can be surprising powerful when viewed through the lens of history.


My work is a continuation of this practice, updated with a modern perspective. The goal is to help people appreciate the beauty all around us, which is often overlooked due to the bustle of our workaday lives.


I'm especially interested in urban scenes: rhythmic window patterns, deep shadows, textures, shapes, and forms. The jumble of colors and reflections that contrast sharply with the inhabitants, pulsing with tension and energy. This complex landscape fascinates me and inspires much of my work.


These visions possess a kind of rough grace and natural elegance. It seems appropriate to render them as directly as possible. To achieve this I utilize a style of painting called Hyper-Realism. Though demanding, H-R allows an exceptional degree of control. The final result appears more like a window than a painting, through which one can seemingly climb into the world beyond.


My work method is similarly direct. When I discover a promising scene, I begin by taking photos from various angles, lighting conditions and times of day. I also make sure to get good detail shots and a variety of people, if those are to be included. The photos are then uploaded to a computer. Adjustments to color and composition are made in Photoshop. When satisfied, I make a final composite print to be used as reference. All painting thereafter is done by hand with fine brushes and common drafting tools. The process usually takes about 4-6 months, start to finish.


Working in this way requires great discipline. It's a challenge that pushes my abilities to their utmost. Fortunately I've found that hours of intense focus can also create a state of calm much like meditation. The feelings upon completion are similar to those in a marathon: exhaustion tinged with happiness and relief.


I feel honored to help carry forward this tradition. It represents a connection to past masters; building upon their legacy and ushering it into the future. It's also a pleasure to share the experience with others. I especially enjoy seeing the reaction of viewers who believe they are looking at a photograph, only to discover it is actually a painting. It's wonderful to know that my work can elicit such enthusiasm and joy.



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